For Buyers and vendors


We are pleased to provide you with the following additional services where required

  • Letting
    We would be pleased to provide you with our estimation of the achievable rent. Our lettings team will look for a suitable tenant for your property on your behalf and provide you with support until the lease is completed. This would also include compiling the prospective tenant’s credit rating documentation, preparing the lease and handing over the property. Our services are usually free for you if we are letting your property, as the proposed tenant usually pays for our services.
  • Valuation / sale
    Are you considering the sale of your property? If so, we would be pleased to help. If requested, we will value your property – our market expertise guarantees a realistic estimate of its market value. We would be pleased to take over the marketing of your property, in which event you can take advantage of our marketing expertise, as well as our qualified and extensive database of prospective buyers.
  • Procurement of finance
    Do you plan to wholly or partially finance the purchase price with the aid of a bank loan? We have already arranged for your future property to be valued by well-known German banks and are therefore in a position to procure bespoke, competitive finance within just a few days. The bank merely requires your credit-rating documentation – no documentation in relation to the property is required! We receive a fee from the bank.

Network and partners for the provision of services

It is sometimes necessary (or helpful) to be able to call on other service providers in connection with the acquisition/disposal of a property. Should you require it, we will put you in touch with our network. We believe that you should benefit from our many years’ experience. Such service providers include:

  • Interpreters
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Surveyors
  • Craftsmen
  • Kitchen builders
  • Interior furnishings
  • Property management
  • Tax advisors