Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez

10961 Berlin, Etagenwohnung zum Kauf

Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez

10961 Berlin, Etagenwohnung zum Kauf

Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez - Fassade Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez - Bergmannstrasse Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez - Hofansicht Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez - Ansicht Capital investment in very popular Bergmannkiez - 2018-06-19-bergmann-WE7-3OG


  • Objekt ID
  • Objekttypen
  • Adresse
    Bergmannstrasse 108
    10961 Berlin
  • Etage
  • Etagenanzahl im Haus
  • Wohnfläche ca.
    61 m²
  • Vermietbare Fläche ca.
    61 m²
  • Zimmer
  • Befeuerung
  • Baujahr
  • Zustand
  • Status
  • Mieteinnahme p.a.
    3.924,84 €
  • Hausgeld
    209 EUR p.M.
  • Käufer­provision
    7,14% of the certified purchase price incl. VAT inkl. MwSt. The comission is due and payable upon successful conclusion of the contract.
  • Kaufpreis
    255.000 EUR

Ausstattung / Merkmale

  • Badewanne
  • Dielenboden



Where the true heart of Berlin beats: hardly any district of the city presents such a multi-faceted and endearing impression as Kreuzberg. Situated at the heart of the city's centre and with some 160,000 residents, the district beckons shoppers and browsers alike – with attractions such as a visit to Markthalle 9 or Bergmannstrasse. Those seeking peace and quiet can enjoy a voyage of discovery in the green areas such as Viktoriapark, which contains the highest point in the inner city, the actual Kreuzberg. In the district named after this 66-metre hill, quality of life merges with culture and shopping sprees with pleasure. Nobody needs to leave this neighbourhood. After all, Kreuzberg has its very own life and has no comparison anywhere in the world.


This apartment is rented, it is fitted with a kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom and a living room.

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  • Ausstelldatum
  • Gültig bis
  • Baujahr lt. Energieausweis
  • Wesentlicher Energieträger
  • Energie­verbrauchs­kennwert
    156.6 kWh/(m²·a)
  • Mit Warmwasser
  • Energie­ver­brauchs­kenn­wert:
    156.6 kWh/(m²·a)
    0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400+


Bergmannstrasse is one of the smartest on-trend streets in Berlin. Its sumptuously decorated Wilhelminian buildings, delicatessens, antique shops, restaurants and Marheineke-Markthalle are an attraction for everyone who loves strolling along the streets, browsing through unusual shops and enjoying good food. This part of Kreuzberg is still dominated by a nostalgic elegance which it derives from Maria Luise Bergmann (1774 – 1854), the source of the street' name and a fashionable large landowner who was behind the building of the neighbourhood in the 19th century.
Not far from Bergmannstrasse, Berlin lies at your feet: the highest point of Kreuzberg is in nearby Viktoriapark and provides a marvellous venue to relax and survey Berlin.